What a difference a few days make. This time last week I was just gearing up to leave La Rochelle and fight our way through the blockades, strikes, petrol shortages, burning mounds of car tyres and all the other French pastimes. Here I am now sat on my couch at home with my slippers on, watching the rain pour down like stair rods and the wind whip through the trees. It’s grey, it’s dark and it’s the middle of the morning. It’s England in the winter. Sometimes, the life of a writer is far from glamorous…

That said, in a fortnight’s time I’ll be touching down in Cape Town for the next stage of the adventure. I’m looking forward to a few ‘braais’ (barbeques) in the sun. It’s a not too shabby 25 degrees out there at the moment which will be just the ticket to get over the clocks going back another hour in England. Nothing like a bit of winter sun to perk everything up!

Before the Cape Town stop begins though I’ve got a million and one things (and I do not exaggerate… much…) to do. The boats and their brave skippers are still ploughing south, about to hit the dreaded Doldrums. That means content aplenty from all of the skippers which keeps me on my toes. Well, keeps me on my couch anyway.

One of the coolest things about this race is the way fans can follow all the action from onboard the boats and get a real feel for what these guys are going through. Videos, photos, phone calls, written blogs – you name it, they’re providing it. Head over to www.velux5oceans.com to check out the latest action.

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